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Book Launch

We are excited to announce that the book "Acceptance and Commitment Approaches for Athletes' Wellbeing and Performance: The Flexible Mind" has been published by Palgrave MacMillan. For more updates please follow @Mind_Flexer on Twitter and check out the website that accompanies the book: The Flexible Mind 

Training Events

To discuss training events please email:

Attendees at the 1-day 'ACT for High Performance' Online Workshop, 21st October 2021 facilitated by Dr Ross White & Dr Stephen Leckey.


Feedback about recent workshops:

"The delivery was so calm and relaxed. Insights were great. Both presenters very knowledgeable."

"Liked the structure. Lots to cover and felt that got into enough depth without feeling short changed"

"Great balance of education/practical insight into case studies etc. I enjoyed the breakout rooms & the attentiveness to our questions in the chat :) Hosts were engaging!"

"Really interesting and thought provoking workshop. I have come away with a lot of ideas to ponder and things to put into action.

Attendees at the 2-day ACT Introductory Workshop, 20-21st September 2021 facilitated by Dr Ross White.


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