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Neurolingusitic Processing


Acceptance and Commitment Training

Cognitive Behavioural Strategies

Whether you are a professional sportsperson, or an amateur wishing to improve your performance, Strive2Thrive will assist you to perform to your potential. Our Elite Performance approaches will address a range of issues that may be serving to limit performance including lapses in concentration, poor motivation, performance anxiety, self-criticism, loss of confidence and/or contending with injury.


Strive2Thrive practitioners employ a range of evidence-based techniques that have shown to improve sporting performance including: Neurolinguistic Processing, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Training and Cognitive Behavioural Strategies. The practitioners will work collaboratively with clients to develop tailored interventions aimed at assisting the sportsperson to achieve identifed targets.


Strive2Thrive also offer support to sportspeople who are transitioning out of sport into a new life beyond. 

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